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1Ordering Guide Cisco and Web Security Ordering Guide November 2013 This ordering guide for select Cisco and Web Security offerings is for public use. Any questions or comments should be directed to: Americas EMEAR APJC < 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 1 of 55

2Contents Introduction... 3 Target Audience... 3 Scope... 3 Web Security and New Product Names... 4 Offering Description... 5 Physical Devices... 6 Cisco SMARTNet Service... 7 License Software Subscription. .. 8 FIPS Compliant Products Software License Agreements and Accessories Understanding the Ordering Process High-level summary of a Cisco price list transaction and web security Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Cisco Service Contract Center (CSCC) Cisco Software Fulfillment and Infrastructure Technology (SWIFT) ) Tool Place Order Quoting process for Cisco Test and Buy (TAB) Price List Reorder Process End of Evaluation and Additional Resources Appendix A: All Issues Part #. Appendix B: Sample Offerings Security Order Web Security Order Appendix C: Additional Information Encryption Orders Placed in Russia Delivery Method China Hardware PID Cloud orders for fiber optic hardware from Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 2 of 55

3Introduction The ordering guide is intended to help Cisco Field, partners and resellers order Cisco and Web Security solutions. This guide will help you: Understand Cisco and Web Security product and service offerings. Familiarize yourself with the specific Cisco Global Price List (GPL) and Web Security offerings and identify those that are right for your customers. Make sure you buy the right quantities and types of SKUs to minimize risk. Order Rejection For these offers, provide information about the complete process from offer to fulfillment in the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) and the Cisco Services Contract Center (CSCC). Audience This ordering guide is intended for Cisco partners and resellers who are qualified to sell Cisco and Web Security products and services on the Cisco price list. Scope This Ordering Guide provides offering, ordering, and pricing information for Cisco and Web Security products and services available on the Cisco Price List. Note: Cisco and Web Security solution briefs are available at: Note: Each service order is subject to the detailed terms and conditions of Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 3 of 55

4Web Security and New Product Names Effective September 12, 2012, Cisco changed the names of its web security products, dropping the names IronPort and ScanSafe in favor of simpler, more descriptive names that reflect the delivery method (Table 1). Table 1. Cisco Product Naming and Web Security Old Product Names New Product Names Security Cisco IronPort Security Appliance Cisco Security Appliance (ESA) Cisco Security Virtual Appliance (ESAV) Cisco IronPort Encryption Appliance Cisco IronPort* Encryption (EOL, not remanufactured by Cisco) Cisco IronPort Cloud Security Cisco Cloud Security Cisco IronPort Hybrid Cloud Security Cisco Hybrid Security Cisco IronPort Managed Security Cisco Managed Security Web Security Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) Cisco Web Security Virtual Appliance (WSAV) Cisco ScanSafe Cloud Web Security Cisco Cloud Web Security Security Management Cisco IronPort Security Management Appliance Cisco Content Security Management Appliance (SMA) Cisco Content Security Management Virtual Appliance (SMAV) Cisco 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 4 of 55

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5Understanding Offerings Cisco solutions and Web Security span three distinct platforms (Web Security, Security, and Security Management). Additionally, each of these platforms has three different offering categories (physical hardware devices, software subscriptions with software support, and Cisco SMARTnet hardware support). Figure 1 shows an overview of the offers. Figure 1. Overview of Cisco and Web Security 2013 Cisco and/or its partners. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 5 of 55

6Table 2 lists the Cisco and Web Security product lines available through Cisco price lists. Table 2. Cisco and Web Security Offerings Product name Cisco Web Security Cisco Security Cisco Content Security Management Description Cisco Web Security offerings keep malware out of your network and more fully control and protect Internet usage. Cisco Web Security Appliances include the following components: Web Security Appliance hardware, including the Cisco Web Security Appliance S170, S370, S380, S670, and S680 Web Security software subscription packages and a la carte offerings, including Cisco software support Cisco SMARTnet Services for the Web Security Appliance Cisco security offerings protect against threats, minimize downtime associated with transmitted malware, simplify management of enterprise mail systems, and reduce the burden on technical staff while providing information on the operation of the mail provide systems. Cisco Security Appliances include the following components: Security appliance hardware, including the Cisco Security Appliance C170, C370, C380, C670, C680, and X1070 Security software subscription packages and a la carte offerings, including Support Cisco Software Solutions Cisco SMARTnet Services for Security Appliances The Cisco Content Security Management offerings provide a single management interface for Cisco and web security appliances. The Cisco Content Security Management Appliance provides valuable functionality for webmasters by providing a single location for centralizing spam reporting and spam quarantines, and for managing Cisco web security and data loss prevention (DLP) policies. Cisco Content Security Management Appliances include the following components: Security Management Appliance Hardware, including the Cisco Security Management Appliance M170, M380, M670, M680, and M1070 Appliance Management Software Subscription packages Security and on-demand offerings, including software support Cisco SMARTnet Services for security management appliances Physical appliances Cisco offers the hardware appliances listed in Table 3 for web security C170 with software ESA C370 Security Appliance with software Medium Office ESA-C380-K9 ESA C380 Security Appliance with ESA-C670-K9 software ESA C670 Security Appliance with Enterprise and Service Providers (SPs) Software ESA-C680-K9 ESA-C680-LKFP-K9 ESA C680 Security Appliance with Software ESA C680 Security Appliance with Front Lock Latest ESA-X1070-K9 ESA X1070 Security Appliance with Cisco Software Web Security Small Businesses and Branch Offices WSA-S170-K9 WSA S170 Web Security Appliance with software Medium offices WSA-S370-K9 WSA S370 Web Security Appliance with software WSA-S380-K9 WSA S380 Web Security Appliance with software Large Enterprises and SP WSA-S670-K9 WSA-S680-K9 WSA S670 Web Security Appliance with software WSA S680 Web Security Appliance with software WSA-S680-LKFP-K9 WSA S680 Web Security Appliance with shutter Cisco Security Management Small Business and Branch Office SMA-M170-K9 SMA M170 Security Management Appliance with software Medium Office SMA-M380-K9 SMA M380 Security Management Appliance with software SMA-M670-K9 Security Appliance SMA M670 Security Management with software 2013 Cisco and/or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 6 of 55

7Device Type Implementation* Device Name Description Large Enterprises and SPs SMA-M680-K9 SMA-M680-LKFP-K9 SMA-M1070-K9 SMA M680 Safety Management Appliance with Software SMA M680 Safety Management Appliance with Front Panel Lock SMA M1070 Security Management Appliance with Software *The size depends on a number of factors not limited to deployment configurations, software feature sets, and policies. Work closely with your customers to understand the specific hardware and performance requirements of their Cisco and web security implementations. Cisco SMARTNet Service customers have the option to purchase Cisco SMARTnet Service for Web Security Appliances. The Cisco SMARTnet service gives customers access to a wealth of Cisco support tools and expertise, increasing network availability and performance while reducing operational costs. The service offers: Fast, expert support—Connect directly to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), staffed by thousands of Cisco-certified professionals experienced in diagnosing the toughest problems. Online Self-Help Support: Access extensive 24/7 support resources through the Cisco knowledge base, communities, resources, and online tools. Intelligent and proactive diagnostics: Gain important information with the integrated Cisco Smart Call Home function, which provides detailed diagnostics and immediate alerts on activated network devices. Ongoing Operating System Updates: Access new operating system features, including major and minor operating system versions, with the latest operating system software updates within your licensed feature set. Fast Hardware Replacement: Get the coverage you need for any device with flexible hardware replacement options, including Next Business Day (NBD) replacement. For more detailed information on Cisco SMARTnet Service, see Table 4 and the following link: Table 4. Cisco SMARTnet Service SKU for Web Security Appliances Device Type Device SKU Cisco SMARTnet SKU Cisco Security ESA-C170-K9 ESA -C370- K9 ESA -C370- NT-K9 ESA-C380-K9 ESA-C670-K9 ESA-C670-NT-K9 ESA-C680-K9 ESA-C680-LKFP-K9 ESA-X1070-K9 ESA-X1070-NT -K9 ESA -X1070 -FI- K9 CON-SNT-C170-K9 CON-SNT-C370-K9 CON-SNT-C370-K9 CON-SNT-C380-K9 CON-SNT-C670-K9 CON-SNT-C670-K9 CON- SNT-C680-K9 CON-SNT-C680-LF CON-SNT-X1070-K9 CON-SNT-X1070-K9 CON-SNT-X1070-FI 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 7 of 55

8Device Type Cisco SMARTnet Device SKU SKU Cisco Web Security Cisco Security Management WSA-S170-K9 WSA-S370-K9 WSA-S370-NT-K9 WSA-S380-K9 WSA-S670-K9 WSA-S670-NT-K9 WSA-S680 -K9 WSA-S680-LKFP-K9 SMA-M170-K9 SMA-M380-K9 SMA-M670-K9 SMA-M670-NT-K9 SMA-M680-K9 SMA-M680-LKFP-K9 SMA-M1070-K9 SMA- M1070-NT-K9 SMA-M1070-FI-K9 CON-SNT-S170-K9 CON-SNT-S370-K9 CON-SNT-S370-K9 CON-SNT-S380-K9 CON-SNT-S670-K9 CON -SNT -S670-K9 CON-SNT-S680-K9 CON-SNT-S680-LF CON-SNT-M170-K9 CON-SNT-M380-K9 CON-SNT-M670-K9 CON-SNT-M670-K9 CON- SNT- M680-K9 CON-SNT-M680-LF CON-SNT-M1070-K9 CON-SNT-M1070-K9 CON-SNT-M1070-FI Software Subscription Licenses Cisco and Web Security solutions provide a comprehensive set of software capabilities for all three Key Components Platforms These solutions provide customers and partners with support for software and software subscriptions. Full descriptions of each software feature offering are provided below, including a list of all major components of each feature solution. Purchasing a software feature license entitles the customer to activate and use those features on a partner platform. For example, customers who license the Cisco Security Inbound Bundle have the right to activate all features of the Inbound Bundle software on all Cisco security devices they own. A later section of this guide explains the process of requesting and activating these licenses. The process that describes how licenses are assigned to specific devices is also provided. Note: Customers can only purchase and activate software features for one partner platform; For example, they can run a Cisco security software function on a security appliance, but not on a Cisco security management or web security appliance. In addition, all software subscription licenses include Cisco software application support contracts. Customers who purchase a subscription license are entitled to technical services for the term of the software subscription. Software Subscription Support All Cisco and Web Security licenses include software subscription support. Packaged into Cisco and Web Security solutions, software subscription support is essential to keep customers' mission-critical applications available, secure, and running at peak performance. During the term of the software subscription licenses, customers receive timely and uninterrupted access to the latest software updates and major update releases that may contain significant architectural changes and new features and functionality. Software subscription support ensures customers have the latest Cisco solution and web security to protect their business. It also provides access to a variety of online tools and communities that help Cisco customers and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 8 of 55

9Resolve problems quickly, maximize business continuity, improve your competitiveness and make the most of limited resources through increased productivity. This support entitles customers to the services listed below for the entire term of the purchased software subscription, including: Major software updates and upgrades that maintain optimal application performance with the latest feature set Access to Cisco TAC for fast, specialized online support tools to create and expand in-house expertise and foster business agility. Collaborative learning for additional knowledge and training opportunities. Software subscription SKU includes software subscription and support. No additional SKUs or additional fees are required for these services. Term Subscription Licenses All software feature licenses are 1, 3, or 5 year subscriptions. Each software feature or group of features has corresponding SKUs for all three runtime options. For example, if a customer desires the Security Inbound Bundle feature set for a 3-year term, the applicable SKU is the Security Inbound Bundle, 3-Year Software Subscription License. This SKU entitles the customer to the features listed in the associated package description for a period of 3 years. After the term has expired, the licenses are deactivated unless they are extended by further terms. Volume-Based Subscription License SKU The Cisco and Web Security portfolio uses tiered volume-based pricing, with the number of users entered as the applicable volume. Sales reps and partners should work with customers to determine the correct size for each customer deployment so that the correct number of users is selected for each license. Cisco Commerce Workspace and Cisco Services Contract Center will automatically select the appropriate SKU associated with the number of users entered. It then applies that associated price point to the entered quantity to generate a total price for that particular SKU. For the security device, the number of users is equal to the desired number of unique mailboxes. Each Software SKU has the User Band Identifier shown in Table 5 appended to it S7 User 5000 9999 S8 User 10000 19999 S9 User 20000 49999 S10 User 50000 99999 S11 User 100999 All Rights Reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 9 of 55

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10Number of user groups to use / set of SKUs 250,999 S13 users 500,999 S14 users More than 1,000,000 S15 users Figure 2. Sample SKU for a Cisco Security Premium Bundle Tables 6, 7, and 8 list Cisco Security's software offerings , Web Security or Content Security Management by Cisco and/or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 10 of 55

11Table 6. Software Bundles Description Top-Level SKU Cisco Security Inbound Cisco Security Outbound Cisco Security Premium Bundle Features Protects an organization's mailboxes from spam, viruses and targeted attacks (Anti-Spam + Anti-Virus + Outbreak Filter); includes a Security Virtual Appliance (ESAV) license Helps meet compliance requirements by providing easy-to-use encryption and DLP solutions. (DLP + Encryption); includes license for Virtual Security Appliance (ESAV) Combines input and output protection to provide a complete security solution (input + output); includes license for Security Virtual Appliance (ESAV) ESA-ESI-LIC= ESA-ESO-LIC= ESA-ESP-LIC= Anti-Spam Uses traditional techniques and innovative context-aware detection technology to eliminate a variety of known threats and ESA -AS- LIC= * Anti-Virus (Sophos) Provides industry-leading, high-performance virus scanning ESA-SO-LIC= * Outbreak Filters Data Loss Prevention Encryption On-Demand Offerings Provides the latest security innovation for the next generation of threats Prevention for hard-to-detect threats; Industry's first custom engine that blocks targeted attacks using three key elements: targeted attack heuristics, dynamic quarantine, and cloud web redirection provides powerful new control capabilities in an easy-to-use and comprehensive way ESA-OF-LIC= * ESA-DLP-LIC= * ESA -ENC-LIC-K9- PID= * Technology for Precision Tolerant, High-Performance Environments ESA-CLM -LIC= Image Analyzer Detects illegal content in inbound and outbound emails, allowing customers to identify, monitor, and resolve offending users. ESA-IA-LIC= McAfee Anti-Virus provides McAfee Anti-Virus scanning technology Scanning Included in all packages and a la carte Security Virtual Appliance (ESAV) Provides multiple Multiple anti-spam technologies combined to take advantage of Leverage Cisco Anti-Spam for a high level of accuracy. A Cisco Security Virtual Appliance (ESAV) license that can be applied to any Web Security Virtual Appliance image on the Cisco Software Download Center. The license can be applied to any number of images. ESA-IMS-LIC= All a la carte packages and offers. * Package services can also be ordered à la carte. Note: The centralized management feature allows administrators to manage and configure multiple devices simultaneously without having to purchase additional hardware. This feature is part of the Security Appliance software subscription packages. A la carte licenses do not include the centralized management feature and must be ordered separately. Please note that the centralized management license à la carte is free (FoC). If Customer currently has a valid contract and term license that does not include the CM Feature, Customer may request the CM Feature at and will receive a CM License with the same term as its own license available cisco. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 11 of 55

12Table 7. Web software bundles Description Top-level SKU Cisco Web Security Essentials Provides protection and control of an enterprise's web traffic using URL filtering technologies, application visibility and reputation, and control (web usage controls + web reputation + software subscription support); Includes license for Web Security Virtual Appliance Cisco Web Security Premium Combines URL filtering protection with comprehensive content analysis (Web Usage Control + Web Reputation + Sophos Anti-Malware + Webroot Anti-Malware + Software subscription support); Includes License for Web Security Virtual Appliance Cisco Web Security Anti-Malware Bundle Features Web Usage Controls (WUC) Web Reputation (WREP) Sophos Anti-Malware Webroot Anti-Malware A la carte offerings McAfee Anti-Malware Included in all bundles and A-A la carte offerings Web Security Virtual Appliance (WSAV) Combines Cisco web reputation with comprehensive content analysis (Web reputation + Sophos Anti-Malware + Webroot Anti-Malware + Software subscription support); includes license for Web Security Virtual Appliance Provides industry-leading visibility and protection against web usage violations through a combination of list-based URL filtering and dynamic, real-time categorization Uses pattern-based scoring techniques and detailed per-object scanning capabilities to provide dynamic analysis and protection against sophisticated blended threats Provides award-winning Malware Scan protection from known and unknown threats using its genotype and behavioral genotype protection Performs request- and response-side scanning and identifies existing and new threats by accessing databases that intelligently scan millions of websites every day Contains viruses and malware Signature scans and can perform signature-based scans and heuristics. A Cisco Web Security Virtual Appliance (WSAV) license that can be applied to any image of Dispos Web Security Virtual Tivo on the Cisco Software Download Center; License can be applied to any number of images Instructions for customers and partners to generate their virtual appliance license after their order is processed can be found here: html WSA-WSE-LIC= WSA-WSP-LIC= WSA -WSM-LIC= Bundle SKU only * Bundle SKU only * Bundle SKU only * Bundle SKU only * WSA-AMM-LIC= All bundles and a la carte offers. *Individual features that can only be ordered as part of one of three available software packages. Table 8. Content Security Management software bundle offerings Description Top-level SKU Cisco Security Management Cisco Web Security Management bundle features Reporting Provides centralized reporting, message tracking, and quarantine across multiple security appliances (reporting + tracing + central quarantine) multiple Web Security Appliances (Web Reporting + Web Policy and Configuration Management) Provides concise scenario-based reports to help admins troubleshoot and control their mail flow SMA-EMGT-LIC= SMA-WMGT-LIC= Package SKU only * Message tracking helps Admins to track the flow of individual messages Package SKU only * Centralized quarantines Help end users and admins manage their quarantines. Bundle SKU only * Web policy reporting and configuration management Web-on-demand offerings Provides managers with visibility and insight into up-to-date operational data to help them refine policies, plan infrastructure, and measure productivity Provides the web administrator with a centralized Location to define and publish policies for multiple web security appliances Package SKUs only * Bundle SKUs only * 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 12 of 55

13Packages Description Top-Level SKUs Advanced Web Security Reporting Provides advanced Splunk-based reporting capabilities across multiple web security appliances for traffic- and storage-heavy organizations. Please note that this SKU does NOT include a configuration and policy management license for the SMA. It only includes a license for the Splunk-based Advanced Web Security Reporting, an out-of-the-box reporting tool. Please note that this license has a data limit of 2MB per user per day. For example, if a 2,000 user license is requested, 4 GB of data can be processed per day (4 GB = 2,000 users * 2 MB/user/day). If your customer has higher traffic or data needs, be sure to request a larger license for the amount of data you need to process. SMA-WSPL-LIC= Table 9 lists the encryption updates for Cisco Security Software Cisco and/or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 13 of 55

14Table 9. Encryption Renewal Encryption* Encryption License for Encryption Devices Encryption License and Public Key Encryption for Encryption Devices Large Attachment Handling License for Encryption Devices Secure Mailbox License for Encryption Devices Encryption License for System-Generated Bulk Encryption License for System-Generated Bulk Encryption for System-Generated Bulk Encryption License for system-generated bulk encryption license for system-generated bulk encryption license for system-generated bulk encryption license for system-generated bulk encryption Provides envelope encryption capabilities on the encryption device. The encryption device offers the possibility to send messages with large file attachments. Provides pull encryption capabilities to host encrypted messages for recipients. Provides envelope encryption capabilities for large volumes. Encrypt Bulk 1 Year License Renewal, 100,000-250,000 Mgs Provides bulk envelope encryption capabilities. Renewal Encrypt Bulk 1YR Lic Key, 250,000-500,000 Mgs Provides high-volume envelope encryption capabilities. Encrypt Bulk 1 Year License Renewal, 500K-1M Mgs Provides bulk encryption capabilities for envelopes. Renewal Encrypt Bulk 1YR Lic Key, 1M-2.5M Mgs Provides bulk envelope encryption capabilities. Encrypt Bulk License Renewal for 1 year, 2.5M-10M Mgs Provides Encryption bulk encryption capabilities. Encrypt Bulk License Renewal for 1 year, 10M-50M Mgs Provides Encryption bulk encryption capabilities. Renewal of bulk encryption 1 year license key, over 50 Mgs CCS-CEE-LIC= CCS-CEEPK-LIC= CCS-LFILE-LIC= CCS-SMAIL-LIC= CCS-BE-S1-LIC= CCS-BE-S2-LIC = CCS -BE-S3-LIC= CCS-BE-S4-LIC= CCS-BE-S5-LIC= CCS-BE-S6-LIC= CCS-BE-S7-LIC= *Only offered as an extension for existing crypto customers . FIPS Compliant Products All Cisco appliance and web security offerings offer Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Level I compliance through the software-based Cisco Common Crypto Module (C3M). A FIPS-compliant mode can be selected in the AsyncOS operating system GUI. Cisco no longer sells hardware-based FIPS devices. Cisco and Web Security customers who require FIPS Level I compliance should select from the standard appliance offerings listed in this guide (WSA-S670-K9, etc.). Software License Agreements The Cisco End User License Agreement (EULA) and the Cisco and Web Security Supplemental End User License Agreement (SEULA) are provided with each software license purchase. The documents are available at the following links: Cisco EULA: Cisco SEULA: Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 14 of 55

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fifteenAccessories Cisco and Web Security offer a wide range of accessories that are required for basic functionality (e.g. power cord) or optional (e.g. lockable front panel) depending on customer requirements. Some accessories are offered as replacement products that can be ordered separately. These parts can be ordered as replacements, add-ons to the current product, or replacement parts. Configurable accessories are ordered as part of configuring a hardware device in Cisco Commerce Workspace. For example, a Cisco C370 Security Appliance can be ordered and a country-specific power cord selected as part of the overall configuration. Once an order is completed, the configured device and cable will be shipped. Tables 10 and 11 list replacement and configurable accessories, respectively. Table 10. Replacement accessories Cisco and web security accessories (replacement) Product Content Security cable management arm for x70 models Content Security AC power adapter for x70 models Cisco Content Sec AC power adapter 650W for x80 appliance 900W Cisco Content Sec DC power adapter for x80 appliance Content Security Cover rails for x170 4-post racks, square holes Content Security Cover rails for 4-post racks, square holes Cisco Content Security Replacement Rail Kit Cisco Content Security x170 Bracket for 2-post Racks 450 GB HDD for WSA S370 and S670 ( Model R710) 250 GB Content Security HD for ESA C170, SMA M170, WSA S170 Content Security 300 GB HD for ESA Cx70, X1070, SMA M670 600 GB SMA HD for M1070 Cisco Content Security 600 GB HDD for x80 devices Cisco Content Security Di 300GB hard drive for x80 devices Cisco Content Security hard drive cover with empty slot for x80 devices ESA C680 spare key for locking faceplate WSA S680-E Replacement key for locking faceplate nce replacement for SMA M680 locking faceplate device Part number CCS-CABLE-MGMT= CCS-PWR -AC-870W= CCS-PWR-AC-650W= CCS-PWR-DC-930W= CCS-RAILS-170 = CCS-RAILS -4SQ= CCS-RAIL= CCS-170-SUPPORTS= WSA-HD-450GB= CCS -HD-250GB= CCS-HD-300GB= SMA-HD-600GB= CCS-HD-600GB= CCS-HDD -300GB = CCS -HD-BLANK= ESA-C680-KEY= SMA-M680-KEY= WSA-S680 -KEY= Table 11. Configurable Cisco Accessories and Web Security Accessories Product Power cord, 110V power cord, China power cord, Italy Power Cord, UK Power Cord, Australia Power Cord, Switzerland Power Cord, Argentina Power Cord Part Number CAB-AC CAB -ACC CABINE-ACI CABINE-ACU CABINE-ACA CABINE-ACS CAB-ACR 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 15 of 55

sixteenCisco & Web Security Accessories Product Power cord, India Power cord, Japan 250GB Content Security HD for ESA C170, SMA M170, WSA S170 Content Security AC power adapter for ESA, WSA, SMA x70 Content Security HD models 300GB for ESA Cx70, X1070, SMA M670 SMA HD 600 GB for M GB HD for WSA S370 and S670 (R710 model) WSA 4-Port 10/100/1000 Interface Card, Content Security RJ-45 Interface Card 2-Port GE Fiber Standard Mechanical Faceplate for SMA M1070 Locking faceplate on M1070 Power Cord 125VAC 13A NEMA 5-15 Plug North American Power Cord NEMA L C13 2-Port Fiber 2m/6.5ft SFS Power - 250V Argentina 10A Power Cord 3112 Plug 250VAC 10A Australia SFS Power Cord - 250V 10A PRC Power Cord 250VAC 10A CEE Plug 7/7 EU SFS Power Cord - 250V 10A India SFS Power Cord - 250V 10A – Israel power cord, 250VAC 10A CEI 23-16/VII plug, Italy power cord, MP232 250VAC 10A plug, SWITZ power cord, BS1363 250VAC 10A plug (13A fuse g) UK power cord, North America 200/240V 6A power cord, Japanese 3 pin d-jumper power cord, C13-C14 connectors, 2 meter length AC power cord - 250V, 10A PRC power cord, C13 to C14 (recessed Female), 10A Cabinet Jumper Power Cord 250VAC 10A, C14-C13 Connectors Cisco Content Sec AC Power Supply 650W for x80 Cisco Content Sec DC Power Supply 900W for x80 Cisco Content Sec 1 -Port Gigabit Ethernet Interface Card Cisco Content Sec 1-Port Gigabit Ethernet Interface Card 600GB Disk Cisco Content Security for Devices x80 Cisco Content S 300GB Disk Security for Cisco Content Sec x80 devices 1-port 10/100/1000 interface card, RJ-45 part number CAB-IND CAB-JPN CCS-HD-250GB- CCS-PWR-AC-870W- CCS-HD-300GB - SMA-HD -600GB- WSA-HD-450GB - WSA-4GE-CU CCS-2GE-FI SMA-STD-FPLT SMA-M1070-FPLT CAB-9K12A-NA CAB-AC-L620-C13 SFS-250V-10A -AR CAB- 9K10A-AU SFS-250V-10A -CN CAB-9K10A-EU SFS-250V-10A-ID SFS-250V-10A-IS CAB-9K10A-IT CAB-9K10A-SW CAB-9K10A-UK CAB- N5K6A- NA CAB -JPN-3PIN CAB-C13-C14-2M CAB-250V-10A-CN CAB-C13-C14-AC CAB-C13-CBN CCS-PWR-AC-650W C CS-PWR-DC- 930W CCS -1GE -FI CCS-10GE-FI CCS-HD-600GB CCS-HDD-300GB CCS-1GE-CU Ordering Process Description There are four main ordering processes for Cisco and Web Security offerings on the Cisco Price List: Initial order for hardware features and Software Feature Licenses Renewal orders that include hardware features and software feature licenses Renewal orders for software feature licenses only 2013 Ci sco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 16 of 55

17Tracking software feature license orders to add additional features or user counts to a device or device deployment. The following sections provide an overview of the Cisco ordering process and explain the step-by-step ordering processes for each of these four orders. scenarios. Figure 3. General summary of a 2013 web transaction by Cisco and/or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 17 of 55

18High-level summary of a price list for Cisco transactions and web security Cisco Commerce Contract Center (CSCC) Software Renewals & Contract Management Quoting & Ordering: Software & Technical Services Subscription License Tracking & Renewal Contract Management CCW CSCC Initial Purchase of Equipment, Software & Technical Services and Web Security X Add Additional Licenses X X Add Additional Devices X Renew Current Licenses Renew Additional Licenses X X Renew with Additional Licenses and Purchase Additional Devices X (Application) X (Renewal and Licenses) Find and Manage Contracts Admin Actions Contracts X Cisco Commerce Workspace ( CCW) Cisco Commerce Workspace is the primary tool for ordering Cisco and Web Security products. listed on the Cisco price list. Creating an order in Cisco Commerce Workspace consists of three main steps: 1. Create a quick quote. 2. Convert a quote into an order. 3. Submit an order. 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 18 of 55

19Figure 5. Initial purchase of equipment, software, and technical services 1. Partner adds equipment, software, and technical services to the configuration. 2. The partner will provide a quick quote or estimate, depending on whether you are requesting promotional, special, or standard pricing. 3. The partner can configure items in the offer or quick offer area or import a previously created configuration. 4. Shares of Partners are listed or traded with Account Manager for approval unless standard contract pricing is used. 5. The partner converts the quote into an order or creates an order from a deal ID. Within the order area, the member selects the contract creation option and other preferences such as shipping/delivery. 6. The partner sends a process completion request to Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 19 of 55

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20Cisco Service Contract Center (CSCC) The Cisco Service Contract Center (CSCC) is the primary tool for requesting services, requesting tracking software subscription licenses, and processing Cisco and web security offering renewals available on the Cisco Price List are. There are three main steps to creating an order in CSCC: create a quick quote, validate the quote, and submit an order. Partners use the standard quote process, while distributors have the option to use the standard or quick quote functionality to create a quote on CSCC. Partners and resellers validate and save a quote once all software subscription services and licenses have been added prior to ordering. Renewals can only be requested in the Cisco Service Contract Center. Cisco's and Web Security's new offerings have seen a price shift: hardware is cheaper and software is more expensive than IronPort's legacy hardware and software. The combined price for new orders is the same, but renewals require a non-standard discount to maintain price parity with previous software. To support the first renewal during integration, Cisco will provide a high-touch support model where Cisco places the quote in CSCC and forwards it to the partner or reseller for ordering. The partner or reseller may also choose to edit their own quote after creating an order services contract and approving the contract ID, and then generate a support case to apply the discount before ordering. Figure 6. Software and Services Subscription Renewal (High-Level Workflow) 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 20 of 55

21Cisco Software Infrastructure and Compliance Technology (SWIFT) Tool The Cisco Software Infrastructure and Compliance Technology (SWIFT) Tool is a framework used to authorize and enforce licenses for Cisco software. Customers and partners use the tool to enter customer data and activate software subscription licenses. Customers and partners who successfully order a software subscription will receive a Certificate of Entitlement containing a Product Activation Key (PAK) that is entered into SWIFT to provision licenses and associate them with a Cisco customer's and/or its affiliates' provisioned devices. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 21 of 55

22Completing a Quoting Process for Cisco Price List Provisioning Orders Before submitting an order, partners and vendors should understand the quoting process for deploying Cisco and web security products purchased through the Cisco Price List. Understanding this flow can help ensure the fastest possible order processing and implementation for the customer. Try and Buy (TAB) The Try and Buy (TAB) process for Cisco and Web Security products generally conforms to the standard Cisco Try and Buy process. Direct partners can select Cisco or a reseller to fulfill the order. Indirect partners must select a distributor to fulfill the order. A distributor placing an order on behalf of an affiliate elects themselves to fulfill the order. Anyone ordering from Cisco (direct partner or reseller) must be enrolled in the TAB program through the Partner Program Enrollment (PPE) tool. Direct customers can apply for TAB through their account manager or PSS, but must first enroll in the TAB (C2A) program. After registering a customer, the account manager or PSS can create a non-default sale for the TAB order using the existing direct customer TAB process (Figure 7). Figure 7. Try and Buy - Initial Order Process (high-level workflow) 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 22 of 55

23Figure 8 shows a sample order. Figure 8. Cisco and Web Security Try-and-Buy Offer Three items are requested: 1. Standard Hardware PID and Power Cord Accessory – The Try-and-Buy hardware selected must be the same model as the hardware that the customer is using in your Ready for production expected. 2. A try and buy software subscription SKU. (The four SKU options are listed in Table 12.) Table 12. Trial and Buy Software Subscription SKU (Try and Buy SKU +AV+OF+ENC+DLP) 90 Day License Web Premium SW Package (WREP+WUC+AMAL) 90-day license Management SW Package 90-day license Web Management SW Package 90-day license 3. The associated try-and-buy technical services SKU . Note: TAB software and technical services subscription SKUs can only be ordered as part of a standard hardware bundle. Reorder Process When an evaluation license is ordered through a reseller, the reseller will ship the order directly. The order is shipped to the customer and includes both the hardware and a physical license PAK. Note: As part of the full term or license tracking order process, the customer will receive the PAK via email. The customer enters this PAK into the SWIFT tool as part of the standard license activation process. At the time of ordering, the invoice for hardware and licenses is retained for 90 days. Once activated, the license will remain activated by Cisco and/or its affiliates for 90 days. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page 23 of 55

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What is the difference between Cisco WSA and umbrella? ›

WSA is on-premise web proxy and Umbrella is cloud based DNS filtering and Web proxy. WSA cannot protect roaming users if they are off the network, they would need to be connected to the VPN to access the WSA. Umbrella can protect the users when roaming and not connected to the VPN.

How do I access Cisco WSA? ›

You should be able to login to the WSA using the default username/password of admin/ironport. Type in interfaceconfig and edit the default management interface to assign a static IP of your choosing so you can access the WSA management from your browser. I usually enable FTP and SSH on this interface at the same time.

What is IronPort called now? ›

IronPort was integrated into the Cisco Security business unit.
FateAcquired by Cisco Systems
SuccessorCisco Systems
HeadquartersSan Bruno, California, United States
ParentCisco Systems
4 more rows

How is Cisco ESA licensed? ›

Cisco ESA license is provided in hybrid ways which means customers can use both traditional and smart licenses to activate all product instances.

Can I use Cisco umbrella for free? ›

Cisco Umbrella provides fast, reliable internet connectivity, and you can even sign up for our basic DNS monitoring services for free — no strings attached.

What is Cisco umbrella for dummies? ›

Cisco's special edition of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) For Dummies examines the changing network and security landscape, gaps in the existing security stack, and the steps you can take to keep your organization safe and secure as your network evolves.

Is Cisco WSA a WAF? ›

WSA is not a WAF. Find answers to your questions by entering keywords or phrases in the Search bar above.

What does WSA stand for Cisco? ›

Cisco® Web Security Appliance (WSA) Appliance.

What is WSA in Cisco? ›

The Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) is the first highly secure web gateway to combine advanced malware protection, application visibility and control, acceptable use policy controls, insightful reporting, and secure mobility on a single platform.

What is Cisco Umbrella vs IronPort? ›

Developers describe Cisco IronPort as "Email and web security gateway and management". It combines signature-based malware detection with reputation filtering and inline file scanning. On the other hand, Cisco Umbrella is detailed as "Flexible, fast, and effective cloud-delivered security".

Does Cisco still exist? ›

Cisco provides IT products and services across five major technology areas: Networking (including Ethernet, optical, wireless and mobility), Security, Collaboration (including voice, video, and data), Data Center, and the Internet of Things.

Does Cisco own IronPort? ›

Cisco taps into two markets--antispam and messaging compliance--with one $830-million acquisition. Cisco systems tapped two markets--antispam and messaging compliance--with one $830 million acquisition of IronPort, which makes mail-filtering appliances.

Does Cisco provide free certification? ›

Free Cisco CCNA 200-301 Course

This is a complete, FREE CCNA Course and will help you pass the new Cisco CCNA 200-301 exam.

Does Delta allow ESA? ›

Delta accepts only trained service animals that are dogs. Customers traveling with a trained service dog(s) must complete the required DOT form(s) available on this page. Delta no longer recognizes emotional support animals as service animals.

Are online ESA certification legit? ›

To be precise, ESA certification is legit. These are the following reasons: As per Fair Housing Act, no landlord can deny ESA on a no-pet building if the pet owner has a legitimate ESA letter no more than a year old.

How much is Cisco Umbrella per user? ›

What is the cost of Cisco Umbrella? The Cisco Umbrella DNS pricing we are seeing in the dns filtering market in January 2023 is in the region of $2.25 per user per month. Cisco Umbrella MSP pricing and licensing is usually slightly cheaper than this but there are minimums user numbers to get involved.

Can I use OpenDNS for free? ›

OpenDNS Home is a free internet based parental control solution which allows parents to manage web access on every device that accesses the Internet on a home network including, wired and wireless computers and laptops, network enabled game systems and internet enabled wireless devices such as IPods and Ipads.

Is Cisco umbrella the same as OpenDNS? ›

Is OpenDNS the same as Cisco Umbrella? Cisco Umbrella began as OpenDNS in 2008 as the first cloud-based protective DNS service. OpenDNS was purchased by Cisco in 2014. The name OpenDNS is now used for free filtering for home and families.

Is Cisco Umbrella worth it? ›

Cisco Umbrella is the #1 ranked solution in top Web Security Gateways, #1 ranked solution in top Internet Security tools, #1 ranked solution in CASB solutions, #1 ranked solution in top Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) tools, #1 ranked solution in top Domain Name System (DNS) Security tools, and #2 ranked solution in ...

Is Cisco Umbrella a firewall? ›

Umbrella's cloud-delivered firewall

Firewall in the cloud is now an essential element of a cloud-delivered security service. It helps you to improve security efficacy, and ensure consistent enforcement everywhere.

Is Cisco Umbrella a VPN? ›

It is not a VPN client or a local anti-virus engine. It allows Umbrella security and policy-based protection, including our intelligent proxy, to be enforced no matter the network to which you are connected.

Can WAF replace firewall? ›

Because a WAF cannot protect against network-layer attacks, it should supplement rather than replace a network firewall. Web-based and network-based solutions protect different types of traffic. Rather than competing, they complement one another.

What is the difference between WAF and WSA? ›

AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps protect your web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources; Cisco WSA: Superior defense against Internet-based threats. Advanced threats can hide on legitimate websites.

What is better than WAF? ›

Transitioning from a traditional WAF to WAAP and augmenting your application security posture with RASP is the recommended best practice for most organizations. This protects individual applications from certain threats using RASP while protecting all web-facing applications using a WAF or WAAP.

Is Cisco Firepower a firewall? ›

The Cisco Firepower™ Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is the industry's first fully integrated, threat-focused NGFW. It delivers comprehensive, unified policy management of firewall functions, application control, threat prevention, and advanced malware protection from the network to the endpoint.

How does WSA works? ›

If the traffic is allowed, then the WSA creates its TCP handshake with the OCS and sends the same HTTP request that was sent by the client. Once the OCS sends its HTTP response, the WSA evaluates the content to determine if the traffic is still allowed based on its policies.

How do you set up WSA? ›

To connect to the Windows Subsystem for Android VM for debugging:
  1. Launch an Android app that was installed using the Amazon Appstore.
  2. You can connect using adb connect with the following command (you must have adb installed): PowerShell Copy. adb connect 127.0. 0.1:58526.
Nov 2, 2022

What is Cisco DLP? ›

Umbrella multimode cloud data loss prevention (DLP) functionality analyzes outbound web traffic inline and out-of-band to provide unified control over sensitive data leaving your organization. It's easy to deploy and manage with flexible policies incorporating pre-built, customizable data identifiers.

Is Cisco Umbrella a proxy server? ›

Cisco Umbrella's SWG is a full proxy that logs and inspects your organization's web traffic to deliver full visibility, URL and application-level controls, and advanced threat protection.

What is Cisco secure email gateway? ›

The Cisco Email Security Appliance is an email security gateway product. It is designed to detect and block a wide variety of email-borne threats, such as malware, spam and phishing attempts.

What is a benefit of using Cisco WSA? ›

Superior defense against Internet-based threats

Cisco Secure Web Appliance protects your organisation by automatically blocking risky sites and testing unknown sites before allowing users to click on them. Using TLS 1.3 and high-performance capabilities, Cisco Secure Web Appliance keeps your users safe.

What is the purpose of WSA? ›

WSA Mission:

A community to exchange ideas, educate members, support the highest business standards, and create strong business leaders within the sign industry.

What exactly is Cisco Umbrella? ›

Cisco Umbrella offers flexible, cloud-delivered security. It combines multiple security functions into one solution, so you can extend data protection to devices, remote users, and distributed locations anywhere. Umbrella is the easiest way to effectively protect your users everywhere in minutes.

Does Cisco have a WAF? ›

Cisco Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) ensures fast, reliable and secure delivery of mission-critical web applications for corporate networks and the cloud. Combining advanced positive and negative security models, our WAF solutions provide complete protection against the full spectrum of web-based attacks.

How does Cisco WSA work? ›

Cisco WSA protects your Organization by automatically blocking malicious and unknown sites before allowing users to connect to them. It is powered by Cisco Talos which provides Intelligence to the WSA.

Will Windows 10 get WSA? ›

You can download the latest prebuilt WIndows Subsystem For Android builds with: Builds with Windows 10 Support (WSAPatch) which include Magisk and Google Play (MindTheGApps) Normal builds for Windows 11 which include Magisk and Google Play (MindTheGApps)

How do I manually install WSA? ›

Refer to the Windows: Manual Setup section in our ADB guide. Navigate to the Platform Tools folder, right-click, and select Open in Terminal. Open Windows Subsystem for Android, go to Developer and turn on Developer mode. Once turned on, Android's Developer options pop up in a window.

What is WSA in cyber security? ›

The Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) combines advanced malware protection, application visibility and control, acceptable use policies, insightful reporting, and secure mobility on a single platform, helping to address the growing challenges of securing and controlling web traffic.

How do I bypass WSA? ›

Configuring Web Proxy Bypassing for Web Requests

Choose Web Security Manager > Bypass Settings. Click Edit Bypass Settings. Enter the addresses for which you wish to bypass the web proxy. Submit and commit your changes.


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