16 fierce quotes by Jocko Willink from Discipline Equals Freedom (2023)

Abstract:Strengthen your muscle discipline and improve your life by reading these fierce quotes by Jocko WillinkDiscipline equals freedom.

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Introduction: Motivation follows action

i feel theat leastmotivated to train just before training time. i am normallytired out,well,sore, and being relentlessly prodded and prodded by my brain about what else I have to do (and why I should ignore it). Exercise is never appealing in the beginning.

i feel thethe majoritymotivated to train immediately after training. I'm full of endorphins, reminded of all the benefits of exercise, and much better able to handle the never-ending list of tasks ahead of us. There is never a workout I regret.

Most of the time I feel when I sit down to writeuninspiredeunmotivated🇧🇷 I am rarely motivated and have an idea of ​​what I want to say. My norm is to stare cluelessly at the dreaded blank page.

Here's the thing: I keep writingBothoccasions; I keep trainingBothOpportunities - I try to be the person who doesn't miss anything. I'm trying to remind myself that once I publish I'll be back on cloud nine. And once I finish the last rep of the last set, I'll be the exercise's biggest fan again.

See, you don't come up with the motivation so you can act - you come up with the action so you can carry out the motivation.The trick is to get used to showing upwhichMotivation. Once you can get used to ita, the result is an unwavering devotion that can last a lifetime.

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This sets the tone for Jocko Willink's book,Discipline equals freedom🇧🇷 The underlying theme that drives Jocko home throughout the book is:Just do it.Do what you have to do on good days and bad days; on fast days and slow days; on easy days and hard days. It is based on the idea that showing up, regardless of motivational level, is what leads to our strongest selves.

And if we want to build our discipline and become the strongest version of ourselves, we must think of discipline as a muscle that we can strengthen like any other muscle in the body. It's a muscle that grows stronger with each successful repetition and weakens when we choose to use excuses, consolation, or longer rest periods.

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the choice ofrepresentativeShowing up and building discipline is the choice that leads to freedom - of body, mind and spirit. And throughout the book, Jocko, in his characteristic savage tone, makes strong arguments to show how this is done. Our collection of quotes fromDiscipline equals freedombelow gives an idea of ​​its style and message. If something resonates, spend some time with it. And when things get stuck, I hope you enjoy the fruits of freedom that come with it. ~ Matt

The List: 16 Violent Quotes by Jocko Willink from Discipline Equals Freedom

"I don't accept that I am what I am and that 'that' is what I'm meant to be. NO. I don't accept that. I fight. I always fight I fight and scratch and kick and scratch at these weaknesses - to change them. To stop them. Some days I win. But some days I don't. But every day again: I get up again and I go forward. With clenched fists. Into the fight. Toward the fight. And I'm fighting with everything I've got: overcoming those weaknesses, failures and mistakes as I strive to be a little better today than I was yesterday."

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(page 17)

“People ask where discipline comes from. I tell them it comes from within. But there is a deeper level. Discipline comes from truth. Truth is the structure of discipline. And if you lie to yourself, you won't find discipline. If you lie to yourself, you will not be disciplined.”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(Page 99)

"It's not like you wake up one day and decide this is it: I'm going to be weak. It's not a slow incremental process. It destroys our will - it destroys our discipline. We go to sleep later. We miss one workout, then another. eat what you shouldn't eat and drink what you shouldn't drink. And without realizing it, one day you wake up and become something you never would have allowed yourself to be. Instead of strong - you are weak. Instead of being disciplined - you you are disorganized and lost. Instead of going forward and progressing, you go backwards and downhill.”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(page 72)

"It wasn't a war. It wasn't a fight. Most of us don't succumb to weakness in a melee of fire and destruction. We're being torn apart bit by bit. Convinced to take an easier path. Seduced by comfort. Most of us is not defeated in a decisive battle. We are defeated with a tiny and seemingly insignificant surrender in a moment that fails to be who we really should be.”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(page 72)

"Some people apply the 80/20 rule, which means they follow a 'clean' diet 80% of the time and eat what they want the other 20% of the time. The problem is that 80/20 becomes 60/40, then 40/60, then 20/80 and all bets are off. Don't follow the 80/20 rule. Follow the 100% rule - this can become the 99% rule and that's ok. But the 80/20 rule doesn't it's a rule. It's one rung down the sloping slope.”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(page 196)

“Everyone wants to know: what should a workout really consist of? And first of all - let me say this: the most important thing to do is SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Tour. To run. Fitness. Swim. Lift some weights. walking. To stretch. Do burpees. Play basketball or hit the jiu-jitsu mat. Some people aren't sure what to do to train - but that's usually just an excuse. Exercise does not have to be a complex, multi-step, multi-dimensional, scientifically proven methodology. But it has to be SOMETHING.”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(Page 161)

"What's stopping you? Didn't get enough sleep? You're too tired Don't have the right gear? Don't have enough energy? Don't you have enough money? Don't have enough time? Is it one of those things that's stopping you? Or are you what is stopping you?”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(page 129)

“Hesitation is the enemy. Hesitation kills the moment, the opportunity passes, the enemy gains the upper hand. Hesitation turns to cowardice. It prevents us from moving forward, taking the initiative and doing what we know we should do. Hesitation defeats us. Therefore, we must defeat him. To win, just get over this moment: waiting. The hesitation. And all you have to do is: Go. Played. take action. Get out of bed Put your feet on the floor. step forward. Do not hesitate. Do not wait. Go on: And win.”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(page 55)

"When you add up all the hesitations in your life... When you add up all the missed opportunities... All the things you wish you had done or know you should have done but didn't." you gather all these things and put them together in a big pile, imagine the size of that pile. Imagine what an accumulation of untapped potential you would see in front of you. Don't allow it. Do not hesitate. To walk."

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(Page 133)

"If I were honestly saying, when people ask me how I'm doing, I'd say, 'It doesn't matter how I'm doing. ' Because that's the truth. It doesn't matter if I'm feeling good or bad, excited, bored, happy or sad. it doesn't matter. I'll do what I must do."

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Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(Page 105)

"I want you to be horrified - horrified - to be sitting on the sidelines doing nothing. I want you to dread: waking up in six days or six weeks or six years or sixty years and not even close to your goal... you didn't no progress. This is the horror. This is the nightmare. This is what you really need to be afraid of: stagnation.”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(Page 41)

“When it just doesn't make any logical sense to move forward, then you use your emotions, your anger, your frustration, your fear of moving forward, to encourage you to say one thing: I'm not giving up. When your feelings scream that you've had enough, when you think you're about to fall apart emotionally, overcome that emotion with concrete logic and willpower that says one thing: I'm not giving up. Fight weak emotions with the power of logic; Fight the weakness of logic with the power of emotion.”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(Page 23)

"Of course, life is hard. But it gets so much easier when you laugh about it. So despite the suffering. Indeed: defy the suffering; face the difficulties; face the challenges - laugh at them all. They can't take it when you do. And everyone gets lighter. Yes: laugh at them all. Laughter wins.”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(page 89)

“Where do you find happiness? Is it out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered? Under a rock? In the woods? Buried in the desert? Where can you find it? For that You take responsibility. You stay out there; You take risks to reach a worthy goal. And in that quest, if you pay attention, if you look around, you will find happiness.”

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(Page 131)

“When things go bad, something good will come of it.Oh, mission cancelled?Good. We can focus on something else.Didn't get the new high-speed gear we wanted?Good. We can keep it simple.Not promoted?Good. More time to improve.No funding received?Good. We own more of the company.Didn't get your dream job?Good. Go out there, gain more experience and build a better resume.Was it hurt?Good. He needed a break from training.knocked down?Good. It's better to type in practice than to type on the street.be hit?Good. We learn.Unexpected problems?It's good that we have the opportunity to find a solution."

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(Page 59)

"How does 'good' apply to the worst of losses: the death of a loved one? It's easy to think there's nothing 'good' about death. But then I remember the people I've lost throughout my life: their memories , the experiences, the fun, their unique personalities and everything they gave me. Not only in their life, but also in their death. What her life taught me and what her death taught me. The marks they left on me me. And I realized that it is good; even in death."

Jocko Willink,Discipline equals freedom(Page 62)

If you liked these quotesDiscipline equals freedom, you must read Jocko's book in its entirety. It is highly recommended:

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Book overview:Many books offer advice on how to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals, but that advice is often lacking in the most important ingredient: discipline. Without discipline there is no real progress.Discipline equals freedomit covers everything, including strategies and tactics for overcoming weakness, procrastination, and anxiety, and specific fitness training presented in beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises, and even the best sleep habits and recommended dietary intake to optimize performance.

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